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6oz Warming Gel Habit Hemp


Habit Hemp Oil


What a game changer! I was given a Habit Peppermint oil from a friend and took it to Vegas for the weekend. It TOTALLY enhanced the chill vibe I needed. New lifetime customer for sure! Thanks for making such a great product, Habit!

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When it comes to choosing the right tincture oil, it can be very confusing. There are hundreds of options and dozens of top-name brands to research. Aside from reputation and overall market saturation, quality is a huge deciding factor.  What mg dose, quantity, flavor, and price all come into play. As a customer, it can be extremely overwhelming.

So why chose Habit? Honestly, it comes down to customer experience and customer satisfaction. You see, we’ve done our homework and made it a point to craft effective products that provide results. Tasty ones at that. We know the competition is fierce. So instead of playing marketing games, we decided to stick to what we know and do best. That is, created natural, powerful, delicious, and effective products that are wellness-based and focused. After all, it’s a healthy Habit that you’re going for anyway, right?